It was in the dead of night, in one basement tha changed out lives.

I couldn't help but notice the way Sam was swaying back and forth, of course she was always a nervous wreck, and never had wanted to be here in the first place.

"We should just leave, it's not like anything is in here anyway." Her teeth chattered a bit, she had forgotten to bring her coat with her, and it was he dead of night, she was probably scared.

"Brian! Let's leave!"

"No way! I'm just getting started looking over this place. It's old, and it has a bunch of junk in it!" I continued on my way to the next room, Sam following with her tail between her legs. Figuratively, of course. She wasn't a dog.

"Where are we even going?"

"To the basement."

"Wha-, what?!" She grabbed my sweatshirt sleeves, and tried to stop me from moving forward. I kept moving dragging her with me.

"Let's go home! We can watch a horror movie! I don't want to be here!"

"Sam there is nothing wrong with this house! It's abbandoned, nobody's here!"

Sam finally let go, and walked next to me, like a civilized person.

"Once you check it out, we are leaving."

"Fine." I let out a sigh, opening the door infront of me, leading into the basement.

"Promise?" She held a seldom look in her eyes.

"Promise." I descended, as she followed against her will, somehow she was able to still kove, even after being completely terrified of the dark.

Upon walking down, we found two stair cases, one leading down into a pit, that seemed to have no end, only showing dark shadows that seemed to go downwards forever, and one leading up, ending abruptly once it reached the ceiling.

"Okay, this is staring to creep me out." Sam commented, grabbing my sweatshirt once more.

"It should, it's the stairway to heaven and hell."

We liked around for a second, stunned at the other voice.

"I told you we should've left!" Sam said, shaking in absolute fear.

Looking towards the entrance to 'hell,' there was a man, completely clad in black, with black hair, and a reddish complexion. "Who are you?"

"Satan.If you don't stop sneaking out, you're going to end up down there in that bottomless pit with me."

Sam and I ran out as fast a possible, calling the police once we got home.

They went and checked the house, but nothing, no one was there. Not even those two staircases that we saw.

Sam and I were good from then on.