Welcome to the Trickypasta Wiki

Trickypasta is a Wiki dedicated to creepy literature, where the main characters solely kill the bad people in the world. We encourage you to make your own Trickypastas, but we would like you to follow our guidelines which can be found under guidelines. If you need help please look in our help section.

Trickypasta Guidelines

Submitting stories:

Please read this section thoroughly to see through that your story does not get deleted.

1. When submitting a story, please make the first letter of every word in the tittle capitalized. This helps us to maintain a sophisticated looking Wiki.

2. Please use spell check on all of your stories. If you do not have spell check there are various websites that can help you.

3. Your stories need to be decent enough to at least make the reader interested, please refrain from one-hundred word stories, if you make a story, it must be five-hundred words or more.

4. Please keep sexual content out of your stories. For the sake of children who may read the stories, we hope to keep a high standard for not having anything sexual in any of our stories.

5. Blood, gore, violence, and swearing are all acceptable!

[[1]]Blacklisted Subjects

Usage of the Wiki:

This Wiki was intended to make a new type of 'pasta, called Trickypasta, Trickypasta itself is a mix of horror stories, with characters that seem to be happy, and friendly. It is like a mix of Happypasta, and Creepypasta, which we encourage you to look into both of them. Please do not edit anything that is not your own. If you see anything that needs to be edited, simply talk to our founder Kimifactor, or any one of our moderator. Things that are acceptable to tell us about are:

-Spelling mistakes

-Grammar errors

-Sexual content

Again, please refrain from editing the page yourself, or deleting it. 

Try your best to be nice to everyone on this website, and abide by the Wikia terms of usage.

Warnings and bans:

1st Warning will result in you being ban for one week from submitting any stories.

2nd Warning will resort in you being ban for one month from submitting any stories.

3rd And final warning will result in you being permanetly ban from the site.

We do not condone any of the acts described in any of the stories, these are all made up, and never should be attempted by anyone, thank you.